Approach and Access

The townships of Munnar and Marayur are situated at distances of 35 kms and 20 kms respectively from the National Park. Munnar is accessible from Kochi (120 kms) and Coimbatore (150 kms) airports along main roads. The nearest railway station in Kerala is Aluva (120 km from Munnar) and in Tamil Nadu, Pollachi (100 km). A road connecting Kanthallur – Sethuparvathipuram (S.P.Puram) traverses through Mannavan shola for a distance of about 6 kms. Two coupe roads namely, Methappu–Valsapattykudy (9 km) and Koodallarkudy-Kovilur (1.5 km) provide access to the tribal hamlets inside.