Values of the Park

Value related to flora

  • Well-protected representative example of shola eco system in Western Ghats.
  • Exceptional species diversity
  • Significant population of locally endemic species
  • Ideal place for “in-situ” germ plasm conservation of rare and threatened species like tree ferns.
  • National Park harbours a large number of Medicinal Plants.

Values related to fauna

  • Exceptional species diversity of birds.
  • Significant population of insects especially butterflies.
  • Provides vital connectivity for animal movements.

Values related to watershed

  • Conservational value associated with watershed for drinking and irrigation.

Values related to education and research

  • Research and monitoring values associated with endemism, biodiversity, human-wildlife interaction etc.
  • Educational value associated with nature education, nature exploration and adventure.

Aesthetic values

  • Potential areas for bird watching, trekking etc.
  • Potential areas for nature interpretation

Socio-Economic value

  • Livelihood to resource dependent communities through ecotourism.

Cultural Value

  • Ethnic tribal heritage of Muthuvan community.