The vegetation comprises mostly of Southern Sub-tropical Hill Forests, which gradually transform to the southern montane wet temperate Forests (Champion and Seth, 1968) towards the top (Idlimottai region). At the lower altitude (1600 m) the average height of the forest is 20-25 m, with species of Elaeocarpus tuberculatus, Gordonia obtuse, Persea macrantha etc., while the maximum height of 28-31m. Is observed at 1800-1900 m altitude contributed by species of Syzygium (S. densiflorum, S. gardneri, S. caryophyllatum, S. cumini), Elaeocarpus glanduloses, etc. At Idlimotta sholas (higher reaches of Mannavan Shola at an altitude of 2100-2400 m), the vegetation comprises of stunted patchy shola forests (Southern Montane Wet Temperate Forests of Champion and Seth, 1968), with an average height of less than 15 m. Most of the grasslands in this region were converted to Eucalyptus and Wattle plantations (Kishore Kumar, 2004).