Mathikettan Shola National Park (MSNP) is located in the High range of South Western Ghats of Kerala. Mathikettan area is part of the Cardamom Hill Reserve (CHR) notified in the Travancore Government Gazette dated the 24th August 1897, wherein the area was constituted as a Reserve Forest under section 18 of Regulation II of 1868. Subsequently various Government orders/rules were issued for assigning the CHR area for cardamom cultivation as well as the control of the land and trees. The provisions contained in G. O. (MS) 804/58/Rev. dated the 9th August 1958 were being followed for the management of the CHR areas, wherein the control over the tree growth was vested with the Forest Department and control of land vested with Revenue Department. Hence there was a dual control over the CHR areas. Subsequently, vide G. O. (MS) No. 328/2002/RD dated the 17th October 2002, Government transferred 1281.7419 hectares of the said land to the administrative control of Forest Department. Considering the unique nature of the Shola forests in Mathikettan and its importance as an elephant corridor, the State Wildlife Advisory Board recommended to declare the area as a National Park and accordingly the Government of Kerala vide Order No. 50/2003/F&WLD dated 10th October 2003 notified the MSNP (MSNP) (notification is given in Annexure 1). The MSNP, having an extent of 1281.7419 ha, falls in Poopara village of Udumbanchola Taluk in Idukki district.