Research and Monitoring

The Shola grassland Eco system is ecologically superior in terms of soil and moisture conservation. The habitat also supports a lot of endemic and rare species. MSNP interspersed by various type of forest, provides a wide range of habitats to different species of flora and fauna, and a large number of medical plant. Long-term studies are needed to understand the status of the animal and avifaunal populations, which will be incorporated in the prescriptions of this plan. Data on animal fauna is highly essential for planning the management strategies for the National Park. Priority will be given to study the status of the mammal and bird community. Rapid Assessment of Biodiversity of the Park was carried out by Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi (KFRI extension Project Report No. 15). At present no monitoring system of flora and fauna is in operation. The proposed Research and Monitoring has been discussed in Part-II of the Management Plan.