Vegetation Mapping

The vegetation mapping was done by KFRI using satellite imageries of IRS 1B LISS II of March 1996. The standard visual interpretation techniques were adopted using photo elements for the preparation of classification keys. The vegetation maps prepared by Forest Survey of India (FSI maps, 1988) were also used for cross-reference. Survey of India Toposheets in 1:50,000 scale were used for forest boundary delimitation. The vegetation maps were prepared for Mathikettan Shola in 1:50,000 scale. The digital maps were generated using ‘MapInfo’ software from the hard copy output of 1:50,000 scale. The maps of vegetation in MSNP are given in Figs. 6 and 7.

Based on the Google image, from which the open grasslands can be easily located, the extent of grasslands was calculated to be around 0.8 km2.