Forest Cover

Following forest types are recognized inside the Park

  • Shola forests (Southern montane wet temperate forest)
  • Grassland (Southern montane wet temperate grass land)
  • Transition forest (Southern sub tropical board leaved hill forest)
  • Shrub lands
  • Plantations

The two distinct physiognomic vegetation found within the Park are the grasslands and Shola forests. These forests are classified as southern montane wet temperate forests. The forests on the plateau occupy glens, hollows or valleys. Broadly, the Shola vegetation also includes the subtropical broad-leaved hill forests that merge in to the evergreen forests at a lower attitude. Grasslands, sholas, shrub lands and subtropical board- leaved hill forests are the major land cover types. A large portion of the Park has plantations of wattle (Acacia mearnsii), Eucalyptus and pine.