External Boundaries

The boundary description as per the initialnotification dated 6th October 2006 vide GO (MS) No. 36/06/Forest is as follows:

North:- Starting from the point on the north of Vellagiri peak (2127 mts) at the boundary of Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, the boundary follows east along the south- eastern boundary of Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary along the Karuvepin Shola and thence runs along the Kottamboor sheet rock to the Point No. 1769 on the Inter – State boundary.

East:- Thence the boundary runs south along the Inter – State boundary up to the north – eastern extremity of Pampadum Shola National Park on the Inter – State boundary through the peaks Kolakkattu Malai (2066 m) Para Thumbu (2356 m), Kadavari Kanavai (2219 m), Tulukkanpatti Malai (2461 m), Kalladankanavai Mettu (2457 m) and Pattitalaichi (2494 m)

South:- From the north – eastern extremity of Pampadum Shola National Park at the Inter – State boundary, the boundary runs west along the northern boundary of Pampadum Shola National Park till it reaches the Munnar –
Kovilur road.

West:- Thence the boundary runs in an northern direction along the western boundaries of the forest plantations in Block No. 62 of Vattavada Village till it reaches the southern boundary of Block No. 58 of Kottakkamboor Village and
from there it runs in a north – western direction along the boundary of Block No. 58 till it reaches the north – eastern boundary of Anamudi Shola National Park and thence running north along the boundary of the Sanctuary and further north till it reaches the starting point on the north of Vellagiri Peak (2127 m) at the boundary of Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary .

Though the boundaries are described as per the first notification, only the northern, eastern and southern boundaries are clearly identifiable. The western boundary which borders the private holdings is not demarcated.

The total extent notified is approximately 32 sq. kms. But later the area calculated as per GPS survey done by the officials of the Forest Department shows significant variation. The actual extent can be ascertained only after settlement of rights and a detailed survey.

Internal Boundaries

The internal boundaries are not demarcated as the settlement process remains incomplete.

Ecological Boundaries

The Sanctuary on the north is bordered by Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, on the east by Kodaikanal Forest Division in Tamil Nadu, on the south by Pambadum Shola National Park and on the west revenue land and human habitation. The Sanctuary is part of Anamudi Elephant Reserve and act as a corridor for long-raning animals like elephant between the forests of Kodaikanal and Chinnar.