Hundred species of butterflies have been recorded this area. Of these Mycalesis, Oculus, Paranticanil, Giriensi, tirunala Limniace, Tirunala Septentrionis,Neptis Hylas, Vanessa Indica,(Nymophalidae), Acytolepas Puspa, Udara Singalensis, Janides Bochus, Udara Akasa,(Lycaenidae),Eeurema blanda, Euremahecabe and Pieris canidia (pieridae) were the most ubiquitous species. Mycalesis oculus, vanesaindica and pieris canidia were the most abundant species and were found to be characteristic of sholas, not being represented frequently in other forest types. Certain rare species like Libythea lepita, Pantoporia ranga, Rohana parisatis, Zipoetis saittis (NumPhalidae) and Jamides Alecto (Lycaenidae) etc. have also been recorded.