Anamudi Shola National Park (ASNP)

It was declared as National Park in December 2003. The Park includes three distinct but typical high altitude sholas of which Mannavan shola is the largest in South India. It has three Reserve Forests namely Mannavan Shola Reserve No. 58, Pullaradi Shola Reserve No. 57 and Idivara Shola Reserve No. 56. The townships of Munnar and Marayur are situated at distances of 35 kms and 20 kms respectively from the National Park. A road connecting Kanthallur – Sethuparvathipuram (S.P.Puram) traverses through Mannavan shola for a distance of about 6 kms.  Two coupe roads namely, Methappu–Valsapattykudy (9 km) and Koodallarkudy-Kovilur (1.5 km) provide access to the tribal hamlets inside. The giant fern, Cyathia crinita reaching to upto 6m height is a unique character of Mannavan Shola. The endemic and elusive Nigiri marten (Martes gwatkinsii) is found in the Park and also in Pampadum shola NP.