Pambadum Shola National Park (PSNP)

It lies in between the Kanan Devan Hills and the Palani Hills of Tamil Nadu. It was originally notified as Pambadum Shola Reserve No. 55 in 1901, it was declared as National Park in December 2003. The Park is situated at a distance of 36 Kms from Munnar town. The vegetation consists mostly of southern subtropical hill forests with shola-grassland system at the higher altitudes. Two roads pass through the Park, the Munnar – Koviloor road and the Munnar – Kodaikanal road, now closed at the State boarder. Including many rare and endangered wild animals, a species Parantica nilgiriensis (Nymphalidae) which is restricted to some of the hills of south India and listed as threatened species by IUCN, is abundant.